Testimonials ForRichie Hanna

Richie is always at 125%!

Richie is always at 125%! He’s extremely knowledgeable and once I started the process of buying the house I wanted, Richie made sure I knew exactly what was going at every step. He’s super responsive (at seemingly any hour, it seems!) and always answered every request or question I had. From  seeking, to finding, to negotiating, to assisting with details at closing, Richie was always on top of things – if not 2 steps ahead of everyone. He is a closer, for sure! He also spent extra time during my home inspection when I had a gazillion questions and needed reassurance and even helped to facilitate the some crossed wires between my lender and the settlement company. While I was panicking, Richie was calm and collected through the whole thing. Nothing frazzles him – he just gets things done! If you’re a busy person (like me), let Richie help you! He takes service to another level. Thank you, Richie! I’m SO happy with my new home!